Artist Statement - Crow Wallhanging

Furtive. Mischievous. Restless. Raucous.  With their loud, persistent “Caw Caw Caw”, one senses that crows are not only communicating with one another but with us as well.  Their message could range from a simple  “I’m hungry” to exhortations from the “other side”.

Whilst in the midst of personal tumult, the idea of “crow” grips me. It guides me into a primal world teeming with endless creative possibilities.  

The restless, fugitive nature of the crows calls to mind the sense of excitement that one experiences just before an intense electrical storm, the steely grey sky, the highly charged air.  This fleeting ecstatic sense of anticipation is juxtaposed in this work with the warm, enveloping, nature of felt.  In making felt, one’s own hands transform loose fibre into a soft, yet durable, long lasting substance.  A deeply comforting material, it grounds me just as crows transport me.  One balances the other.

The notion of calling or conjuring also comes into play.  I bemoan the absence of crows in my environment while working on this piece and yearn for the sound of their raspy caws. After months of contemplating, reproducing their image and honouring them, a small family of crows has moved into my neighbourhood.  The circle is complete.